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It is Well

Whatever the outcome, will it be okay?

If God’s answer to your prayer is “not that way,” or “not yet,” will it be okay?

If you preach the Gospel, and no one receives Jesus that same day, will it still be okay?

If your plans are rearranged, will you be okay?


Is it truly well with your soul?

Does God’s peace still surpass your understanding, in the midst of unexpected outcomes?

Isn’t His presence still with you? Does He not still go before you?

But not only that. Does He not still go behind you? And beside you?

Can anything separate you from His love? No.

His joy? No.

Not heartbreak, not suffering, nor trials. Nothing can separate us from God’s love and goodness (Romans 8:39).

Romans 8:28 tells us that as people who love God, “all things work together for our good” (and ultimately God’s glory).

If we are in Christ, we have no good things withheld from us (Psalm 34:9).

Trust that God’s goodness is enough, despite if some things or even most things seem to be going bad.

Pray that your soul within you will be okay, in Jesus’ Name.

Rest, knowing that no matter the situation,

It is well.

You may not understand it all, but it is well.

All is well, because all is in the hands of the LORD.

It is well, because God is always good.

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