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Love at First "LIGHT"

Our Key Scripture today is Isaiah 60:3:

"Nations will come to Your Light, and kings will come to the brightness of your dawn."

Around this time for Valentine's Day last year, we talked about "What is Love?" How it's defined, expressed, developed, and how it's a part of our everyday lives with Christ.

Today, we’ll discuss how God’s love impacts us!


Isaiah 60:1-3 says, “Arise! Shine! Your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has dawned. Darkness now covers the earth, and thick darkness covers the nations. But the LORD dawns, and His glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings will come to the brightness of your dawn.”

Jesus is named the “Light of the world,” in John 8:12

When Jesus loves, He encourages our hearts to come out of sin (the “darkness”), and into knowledge and relationship with Him (His “light”). So, when we encounter God’s love for us, it is as if light were shining on us. The context of these verses from Isaiah talk about the Israelites, Whom God had chosen to be His people. They struggled with living righteously and putting their complete faith in God. They doubted the power of God, and they lacked faithfulness to God.  

The reality of sin:

In the darkness, is where Satan has domain, authority, and power. Nothing good can come from the darkness and a life of sin. Sin only produces death. Sin only mimics goodness. It appears to be “good,” when it’s actually not. On the other hand, God is good. God is light, and there is no darkness in Him at all (1 John 1:5). So, don’t go back to the things God has pulled you from. You don’t have to submit to the ways of this world, the darkness. Jesus’ light has infinitely more power than anything, even Satan. 

The reality of God’s love:

Amidst their shortcomings, and sin, God still chose to cover them with His protection, peace, favor, and love. After a long record of sin and disobedience kept them in captivity, God chose to offer them forgiveness. God chose to offer them life. He chose to offer them light, because He loved them so much! There’s good news for us people today, because God loves us that much too! His love still prevails. His love still brightens our life. It eases our pain, our suffering, our circumstances. His love is like light at the end of a tunnel. It’s always giving us hope.

In the blog post, Lights Shine Brightly, we talked about how lights are meant to be seen. In the same way, the light of Christ is meant to shine through us! His love encourages us to do anything He has for us to do. His love saves us. His love KEEPS us! Embrace Christ’s love, and if you struggle with sin, or live a life of sin, you can still turn to Christ! Remember His love for you! Let His light shine on you and through you! Testify of His goodness in your life! Let Christ be known to those around you! Don’t hide that light! Be a witness of God’s love! God's love is the light that will draw people back to Christ!

If we have much, or if we have little, we will always have God’s love to hold onto! After all, if nothing can separate us from His love, what more do we really need (Romans 8:39)? 

Thanks for reading! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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