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Lights Shine Brightly

Lights are used to get rid of the darkness. That's why lights are the first thing we look for when it's completely dark. To many, darkness is uncomfortable; but to many, light is uncomfortable.


The other day, I was finishing up one of my finals and I had the lights off (trying to save energy). My dad chuckled and as he turned on the lights, he affirmed me that trying to do work in the dark wasn't that great for my eyesight.

Sometimes we are more comfortable walking in the dark vs. in the light (for the sake of convenience). In this sense, I didn't want the lights to be on because I was uncomfortable with the inconvenience of using too much of it. I wanted to save that light bill, lol!

But something I found out is that Jesus is outside of our comfort zone. Jesus is the "Light of the World," (John 8:12), and the life in Him is the "Light" of all mankind (John 1:4). Think about this way: when you stay in a dark room for a while, then someone immediately turns the lights on, taking time to adjust to the light is uncomfortable for us.

It's the same way with us and Jesus. Some people take a longer time to adjust to the light that Jesus gives, than others.


In the book of Genesis, in the first chapter, God creates many things and calls them "good." When He created light, He said that it was "good." This was because it brought an end to just darkness. The light was good on its own, so darkness had to be separated from it (Genesis 1:4).

The people that have Jesus, have the "light" needed to light up the darkness in the world. That light is meant to shine brightly; Jesus says like a "a town built on a hill cannot be hidden"(Matthew 5:14). Lights are essential for us to see where we're heading. Light exposes the things that are ungodly in our lives that need to change. Light can help you, if you want it! And if you really want light in your life, you have to be okay being awkward when approaching the dark things of this world. Light cannot be intimated or overtaken by the dark. Light in its nature is more powerful, so you have to let it be that way in your own life!

Our light cannot be dim, and if it starts to become that way, we can ask Jesus to help our light shine to its full potential again! Jesus has unlimited life and light to give!

Let Him shine through you!

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